Degradable Dog Poop Bags - 24/48 Rolls

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Only eco-friendly waste! 

Even though the most environmental friendly thing to do would be to just leave dog waste in the nature, most of the times you just can't do that.

In order to help planet earth, switch from simple plastic trash bags you use for picking up dogs waste to these bio-degradable plastic bags especially purposed for collecting dog poop. Even though they are made out of special quickly degradable plastic, they are still solid and leak-proof and especially tailored for sanitary handling. Bags also have an added anti-microbial additive that makes it more hygienic, which is so important when you are dealing with poo :) 

Bio degradable eco friendly poop bag

Special material allows for the bag to begin breaking-down process in as little as 18 months. This way you will keep landfills plastic free.

These special pet waste bags are sized at 9x13''. They are large enough for any size dog and have enough space to reverse the hand and tie a secure knot. 

There are 15 bags per roll. One set includes 24 rolls (total of 360 bags) and the other includes 48 rolls (720 bags), that should be enough for the whole year! 


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