About Us

NoveltyBox is a team of young, passionate and environmentally conscious individuals focused on promoting more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living – A New Way Of Living!

Our team is constantly on the lookout for the unconventional and quality products that will help you live in harmony with the environment.

We promote products that are:

  • reusable
  • organic
  • ethical

By using these products you will be able to reduce the use of plastic and produce less waste – important goals for saving the earth and the ocean from increasing pollution and climate change.  

Our reusable products are not only environmentally friendly, but help you save money as well!

We gather the best environment oriented products available in the market in our shop - NoveltyBox - so that you can save time and find all of the items in one place. 

You don't have to:

  • look for the "in" products;
  • screen the vendors;
  • check for website reliability;
  • ensure product quality;
  • track your order;
  • worry about the security of your payment. 

We do it all for you! Because buying online for our customers should be easy and stress-free! 

We aim to encourage everyone to be more environmentally conscious by offering the best prices in the market  and FREE worldwide shipping!  On top of that - we regularly provide special offers and discounts for our new and recurring customers! 

Don't worry if you are not happy with your product - our return policy terms are customer oriented and always in your favor!

We also take pride in Our Customer Service Team that has one purpose in mind, and that is to guarantee your 100% satisfaction


A New Way Of Living

free worldwide shipping
Contact us at: support@noveltyboxshop.com
Happy shopping!