Kitchen Compost Trash Bin - 5L

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Take recycling to another level!

We are sure that by now you are recycling your trash, but do you also make the best out of your food waste? 

When preparing your meal, put your leftover food scraps (as well as other biological waste) into this bin and then transfer it to your bigger compost pile when it is full. It takes around 3 months for food to turn into compost, which is then perfect to use for gardening purposes. 

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: This compost bucket is made of excellent quality galvanized iron material. Durable and environment-friendly material can length the useful time. Also different from others plastic compost bin, our product will make you love it immediately when you use it for the first time. 
  • ODOR BLOCKING AND FRUIT FLY FREE: The counter top compost bin comes with one thick activated-charcoal filter to absorb odors from the residual food, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh. The portable lid with handle can be easily opened. Not only that it blocks smell, but also keeps fruit flies away from the compost bin.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Unlike other chunky gardener compost bins that need to be placed further outside, this kitchen compost bin is perfectly sized at 5L and 7.6x7.6x8.1 inches and 4 inches diameter charcoal filter. It can easily find the place in the cabins or under the sink. The beautiful and elegant design allows to have it even on the counter tops. 
  • SIMPLE AND ELEGANT APPEARANCEWhite color appearance with simple black font style is suitable for most kitchen decoration. Smooth surface and high quality handles. 
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: You should just insert the filter in the bin and it is easy to use! 

Food Compost

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Product details:

  • Material: Iron
  • Filter: Carbon fiber cotton


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